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Easiest Payment Method

Our direct carrier billing payment platform, enables users to make payments over a secure established connection by authorizing purchases through couple of taps on their phone. Payments are processed without any personal or banking information and is charged directly through mobile carriers. We provide different services to the industry but not limited to SMS Aggregation Service, Recharge Gateway and are Web Hosting to 100+ clients. This charging method is established with major telecom operators in Pakistan.

MFS Mobile Financial Services

Mobile Financial Services is an integration of mobile wireless network and financial services which permits consumers to execute banking transaction from a mobile account. Consumers will make E-payments of digital goods and services via mobile billing carriers, eliminating the involvement of any Debit/Credit card information. MFS is a simple and convenient portal for E-payments transactions via cellular devices to both, unbanked and financial institutions

Premium SMS Charging (PSMS)

Premium Rate SMS is a mobile billing mechanism, which requires a “Shortcode” text to send and receive a premium SMS towards payments of products and services. It eliminates tedious registration procedures and safeguard against fraudulent Debit/Credit card information being shared. Cost is accumulated on consumers transfer of SMS text on a premium rate. With an emerging high demand of mobile phone market, premium SMS delivers merchants the opportunity to increase revenue.

Extensive Analytical Reporting

LINKInc generates an extensive analysis over the ongoing campaign with real-time evaluations of revenue transactions and graph forecasting. This analytical data can be consolidated into merchant’s business models through our API integration and make it easier to create strategical evaluations. Our portal also provides daily, weekly and monthly analysis of e-payments transactions, helping merchants understand trend analysis and implement their digital acquisition strategies accordingly.


Why Us

Business Collaboration Insights

OTP generated payments optimization system

Various Pricing and Market penetration models can be launched without any development​

Increase Revenue by 50% within first 6 months.​

Optimized User-Friendly Interface

Connectivity with Pakistan’s major Telco’s.

Secure and Reliable Payment integration

Payment terms are flexible and reliable.

Product Detail

Our Services are extended to various digital and virtual websites such as gaming application, virtual shopping, social applications, video/audio applications and utility applications which require E-payments for financial transactions. Through our products, merchants can utilize services such as MFS or PSMS to make local financial transaction Pakistan, while international merchants can use DCB services as an overseas financial mechanism for payments.

Product Pricing

LINKInc offer its clients flexible pricing models.

  • Fixed Price Points
  • Dynamic Pricing with a predefined price range
  • Subscription and Recurring Charging

All the pricing is charged in PKR and exclusive of all types of taxes. Further pricing models can be customized based on client’s specific requirements.




E-Payments are transparent and frictionless for consumers, as banking and personal data requirements for processing transactions are eliminated

Smart Phone

Smart Phone

Smart Phone users will make E-Payments through DCB; hence merchants can target new geographic and demographic segments which weren’t accessible...

Low Income

Low Income

Low-income developing markets like Pakistan, prefer Micro-Transactions over Card-based transaction, with trend analysis indicating a strong correlation between spending behavior...



Security and fraudulent activities concern for consumers is reduced, as personal information is not consolidated with the checkout process.

Merchants Services

Merchants Services

Merchants services are further promoted from carriers as it generates revenues.